Ferocity. Mystique. Sensuality. Timeless.

Jason Michael creates handcrafted, made in America accessories for the wild in you.

Jason Michael

A serious artist since his early years, Jason Michael focused on color and texture in his creations whether adding sand to paintings or specially selecting brushes for textural effects. Once a student at University of Virginia, he majored in Studio Art and honed his passion for fashioning unique works of relief art. Transitioning into J-Michael’s Designs he balances color and texture based on selected rich skins always forming a more harmonious finish.

The Elements

Focusing on 4 elements: color, texture, shape, and size; with color being of utmost importance, Jason Michael surveys different materials and they themselves inspire the name and design. Starting with handpicked exotic skins and fine leathers, he fuses the leathers together to achieve superior contour. His love of color manifests in the playful interior of his handbags for an exciting twist… His uses of color are meant to arouse all of a woman’s feelings of curiosity, elegance, and confidence while his monochromatic designs use texture to exude a woman’s dignified power. Jason Michael shapes his bags to play on the intimacies between a woman’s figure, her bag, and her audience. Whether the smaller V-Clutches, his cuffs, or the standard handbag, his untamed collection gives a fresh take on the notion that size matters. His collection itself shows the integrity of aesthetic and function translating into Fashion & Style.


Jason Michael's colorful travels into the alleys of France, Morocco, India, China, and Korea all unearth a refreshing pride around wearing one’s native merchandise. As a result Made in America grew to be a pillar of J-Michael’s Designs. The impact of Italy, South Africa, Thailand and their exquisite leathers is true throughout his collection. One might think those countries are the foundation of his imagination; however he declares his visits to the Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam and the Museum of Czech Cubism to be his most awe-inspiring.

Jason Michael’s handbags have a global reach with a local touch. His vision is to fulfill the ultimate comforts and needs of the world’s casual-luxury clientele.

- Sincerely Jason Michael