February 07, 2014


Accolades and Partnerships

  • The Workshop at Macy’s 2013
  • Trunk shows at Henri Bendel
  • 2012 Charlotte Fashion Seen Week 2012
  • Starz "Power" Seasons 2 - 5
  • The Ultimate Trunk Show


"J-Michael Designs are more than just handbags and accessories – they are quality, functional pieces of artwork. It’s like founder Jason Michael is the handbag whisperer; he knows exactly how much goes into creating the perfect bag for the modern woman."

- Chatty Communications

"It never fails. Someone always asks me, “Where did you get your bag?” Attracted by the magenta-toned interior of my J-Michael’s Designs handbag, contrasted with its rich black exterior, he or she then begins to caress the smooth-textured Gluttony and I discreetly smile with pride knowing what a timeless bag it is. Made from the finest quality skins and purposefully designed in a unique yet practical shape for my fast-paced lifestyle, Gluttony embodies luxury and class without an ostentatious display of wealth."

- Candace Armand

"I finally found a designer bag that was worth it…so I bought two! Mini Greed and Gluttony epitomize quality and class."

- Aisha Thomas-Petit

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to purchase just about any high end handbag I desire. It's unusual for a young designer to impress a veteran such as myself, but for the last few seasons I've had to put my Vuittons and Chanels aside in favor of my J-Michael's originals! I have Greed, a great duffle for winter and Mini Greed in white for the warmer months. He uses exotic skins in the most creative ways - pairing colors and textures. The quality and craftmanship are unmatched. I can't wait for future collections!!"

- Gail Monk

"Jason Michael is fabulous!!!. He has created such an exciting line of hand bags and every new design makes you want to purchase more. The skins are so beautifully crafted in vibrant, delicious colors, and the bags are functional with compartments, which is important to me. The inside of the bags are just as beautiful as the outside, and the leather feels like butter. I have a tiffany blue interior which is to die for. He also crafts the bags to fit the curves of your body and every bag has a unique feature. I love all of Jason's bags and I am so proud to own of one of his original designs."

- Ruby Sampson, MD

"J-Michaels Designs Are A True Gem! As a handbag connoisseur, I am always on the lookout for new, exciting and unique handbag designs. I love to support new designers and felt like I hit the jackpot when I discovered these statement bags."

- Joanne Watkins

"I love my beautiful handmade leather and exotic skin white handbag. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside. The roomy interior allows me to carry everything and I do mean everything. I get so many complements on my J-Michael's Handbag. Thanks Jason and continued success."

- B. Young

"J-Michael handbags are elegant and provides a stunning appearance. My Mini Greed handbag is durable for everyday use. It's big enough to accommodate the many items that I carry. It has an inside pocket that is easily accessible for my cell phone. I love the whole collection of J- Michael's handbags. They are must have."

- Betty Fields


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